Monday, February 5, 2018

9 Months of William // Take 2!

Hi Sonshine, it’s Mama! I’m so happy to finally have some time that isn’t jam packed with to-do’s, because I finally have a chance to write you my 9-month love note. A lot has happened since you turned 9 months and so I’ll do my best to sum it all up. In a few words kiddo, you are the light of our lives. You’re changing at a rate that’s just crazy to us and you continue to be our cuddle muffin. You’re teething now and have popped out 2 of the cutest little teeth. I discovered these teeth a few weeks ago as you and I played on the couch together. It was New Year’s Eve and Mama was playing with you and getting you dressed before heading out to drop you and sister off with your grandparents. You had been extra drooly. You were soaking through bibs several times a day and needing teethers like never before; so I should have known those teeth were on the way. There we sat on New Year’s Eve, smiling at each other, when I caught a glimpse of something white. I shouted to Mommy and sister – OH MY GOD! I THINK HE HAS A TOOTH! Everyone ran over and we began investigating my suspicions. Sure enough, there they were – 2 tiny teeth just barely poking out of your lower gums. We were sooo stinkin’ excited! Sister immediately stuck her hand in your mouth because she just had to feel your little teeth for herself. She then snatched you up and started dancing with you, just as happy as ever. It was such an exciting time for all of us and we were just so proud of you. In that moment, Mama was also a little sad. Getting these pearly whites was just further proof that you, my baby boy, are growing up.

You are on the MOVE now and I’m talking, movin’ and shakin’ all over the place! You do this half-crawl, or what I lovingly refer to as your, “Zombie Crawl” and it’s hilarious. You know how to crawl on all 4’s, but you also know that your zombie crawl gets you places faster. So, while you may start crawling to something on your knees, you quickly drop to your belly and with one knee pushing you along, you’re off to the races! Here’s a video of your absolutely adorable, big boy crawl!

You’ve discovered your sister’s toys and prefer those over your own. You love her microphone that’s on a stand and find a way to pull it down on top of you, on the daily. Thankfully, it’s very lightweight and we have the cord wrapped up, so no injuries so far! You’ve also been loving the Pop ‘N Play that Santa brought you and your moms are so thankful for it too. It’s big and spacious, allowing you to play safely away from your sister’s Legos, small Barbie shoes and all other choking hazards that cover the floors in our casa. In total, you only spend maybe 2 hours a day playing in there, but it’s great for giving you a safe place to play while also allowing sister bear space to play with her favorite things when Mommy and I are busy making dinner or cleaning up.

Growing Like a Weed: You finally had an actual check-up with your pediatrician and didn’t have to get shots this time around, phew! At your 9-month check-up (about 3 weeks ago), you stood at 29 inches tall, which keeps you right at the 69th/70th percentile for height and you’ve started putting on more weight, finally! You now weigh 17.8 pounds, which means you’re still our skinny and tall green bean, but now you fall in the 19th percentile, up from the 13th and you continue to slowly climb that chart. You were such a ham at your 9-month wellness visit and I’m pretty sure that Dr. G loves you. Mama loves that you have so much personality and happiness and that you don’t shy away from showing it to others. :)

Developmental Stuff: you can say Mama, Mum, Hi, Baba (bottle), May (your name for our pup, Mavie), Pop (for Papa) and Dada, lol! You can waive hi and bye. You can give a high-five and clap and you LOVE clapping, btw. You can pull yourself into a full standing position and enjoy climbing up on me and Mommy. You have abs of steel and can go from laying down to sitting up, without assistance. You give big open-mouth wet kisses and they are our favorite things on earth. I’ll say, “kisses for the Mama!” and you’ll lay one, or five on me. Swoon! You dance almost every night with sister and appear to have some rhythm and you yell the funniest things while dancing – so you’ve also found your voice! You can completely feed yourself and fingers crossed, we still haven’t had a chocking situation, thankfully. You take big kid baths with sister now and can sit up in the water, even with it being at a higher level than it probably should be and you haven’t even tried to eat the soap, nor have you pooped in the tub yet! #winning

Nutrition, aka all things FOOD: You still love the baby food I make you, unlike Gracie who was over “baby food” by this point. As long as you keep on loving it, we’re going to keep feeding you purees, because they’re such a great source of vitamins and nutrients + mama loves to make it for you!

*In the puree department, you’ve tried: organic -- pears, yams, apples, kale, banana, avocado, spinach, black beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, summer squash and spaghetti squash.

*For baby lead weaning, with whole foods, you’ve tried: organic -- pickles, olives, black beans, banana, potato, corn, pinto beans, grapes, tomato, blueberries (your fav), avocado, cucumber, broccoli, tofu (your other fav), roasted seaweed, ground turkey, hummus, toast, ham, spaghetti, lasagna, pita bread, chicken, cheddar cheese, pesto pasta, shredded beef and we may or may not have given you a few tastes of gelato and popsicle… The perks to being baby #2…

Our go-to snacky things for you for in-between eats are still yogurt bites, puffs and baby cookies/crackers. I’m thinking that you’ll be eating from a spoon soon too because it’s getting harder and harder to feed you purees with a spoon as you insist on holding it yourself! Needless to say, when I do let you try, it’s a HUGE mess. ;)

Sleep update... or lack of sleep, should I say: Why have you decided to stop sleeping through the night, son?! WHY?? You did so great sleeping 9+ hours straight, for months and then everything changed. We noticed the change right around the time you were getting 2 teeth in, so we’re sure that this is all a result of teething. You’ve suddenly become a very light sleeper, which has meant that Mama’s had to watch Friends reruns on volume ONE, or it wakes you – an issue you never had before. Now you’ve gone to waking 2-4 times a night and tossing and turning more than you used to. This has been tough on Mommy and me because at 9 months old, we’re experiencing the sleep patterns that most parents experience with newborns and we’re not at all used to it, because you’ve always been an amazing sleeper! Now you’re in our bed more than you’re in your own bed and you’ve started wanting a bottle again around 4-5:30am. Mama’s just hoping you’ll go back to your usual sleep pattern soon!  

One very adorable thing you’ve also started to do amongst all the broken sleep, is that you’ll go from laying your head on mommy’s chest or shoulder, while sleeping to doing the same on mine, as you sleep between us. You just get so much comfort from physically touching us and being close to our face and it melts our hearts. It’s looking like we’ll be transitioning you to your nursey closer to your first birthday. We’re just in no rush to ship you off yet!

Favorite things: If I had to pick your absolute favorite things at this age, they would be the following (in no particular order): blueberries + baths in the big tub + watching your sister play + sleeping in a swaddle and with your moms + morning cartoons + being sung to + feeding yourself + organic puffs + the TV remote + hanging out with Papa + peek-a-boo + having your feet tickled + you are 100% a Mama’s boy and even Mommy would agree with this. She was hurt by your clear preference to be in my arms or just your general over the top excitement to see me at first, but now she just thinks it’s great that you love your Mama so much! I think it’s amazing too!

Here’s a comparison picture of you and sister at 9 months old, that makes Mama feel all the feels! My beautiful babies!

There’s so much that’s similar about you two at this age that it blows your moms away. What’s been very different though, between mommy and I’s experience with sister as a baby and you as a baby, is that we seem to be in much less of a rush for you to grow up. With Gracie, we were always eagerly awaiting that next milestone. We were almost impatient in waiting for sister to reach each developmental stage, but with you we’ve pumped the breaks, BIG time. We’re in less of a rush to move you out of our room. We love that you still love purees and plan to give them to you until you no longer want them, without the pressure to move you to 100% solids. We feel less of a need to let you cry things out, because we want to keep you close, just has badly as you want to have us close to you! We’re happy when you reach a new milestone, but also don’t put you through baby boot camp like we did with sissy to learn these new skills. Our thought process is kinda – things will happen when they happen. It’s amazing how much less pressure you feel when it’s your second kiddo. Not only do Mommy and I have the peace of mind in knowing that everything will happen in its own time, but we also have the experience of knowing that you’ll be big in the blink of an eye and we don’t want to rush that. Nope, we sure don't! :)

You, my Sonnie, have now been a part of our family for as long as you cooked in mommy’s belly! The past 9 months have gone in a flash and we’re just so thankful that you picked us to be your family.

Now to get back to planning your FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY, which is in just 9 weeks! While I cry about that, here are a few more pictures from month nine that we LOVE almost as much as we love you!

Swinging… Not really a fan.


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  2. To Kim, I just accidentally deleted your sweet comment and tried to undo the delete, which didn't work, so I tried to copy and repost, but it kept posting from me and not you -- not sure what happened there. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I read it and appreciate the kind compliment. Thanks for following our parenting journey! :)

    1. Your so nice for letting me know. Happy 9 months to William! ~Kim

  3. He has more hats and outfits than any other 9 month old I know! Lol! The co-sleeping alwayssss lasts longer with the 2nd than the 1st. I took my sweet time shipping Boo off to the nursery too.

    1 year birthday party in 9 weeks. Mind officially blown. How?

    1. And would you believe that we hardly ever shop for this guy?! When Grace was a baby and would grow out of clothing, I would separate out outfits that could be used if we ever had a boy, so some of his cutest outfits are gender neutral things that Gracie wore. We have also lucked out in the spoiled grandson department. The kiddo is in swim school now and I don't think he'll need to repeat a swimsuit for his first 3 months, LOL!

      The fact that his birthday is just 2 months away has been so hard on me. This first year has gone just way too fast!

    2. We did the same with little monster hand me downs to Boo. Some of my favorite things she wears were once big brother's! When the clothes are that cute, you gotta get as much use out of them as can, right?!

    3. I think you're the one who gave me the idea to do it! So, thanks!


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