Friday, February 16, 2018

Project 52 | 1/52: 2017 Year in Review

If you’ve been following this blog of mine these past couple of years, you may remember a digital project I started participating in back in January of 2012, called Project 52. This is a photo project that’s so easy to do because all that’s required is that you post one photo or video a week throughout the year (which has 52 weeks, hence the Project 52 title) that represents what’s going on in your life at the time. I participated in the project for years, right up until we were in the pit of infertility and I just stopped posting anything. I LOVED doing Project 52 because it kept me engaged in blogland and helped me to document so many moments that are still so special to me. The project was, at times, the only reason I ever got around to uploading photos from my phone, or went online and read other blogs and I miss doing it – so I’m going to give this a go, again!

I’m already starting behind, but that’s ok because it is only February 16th, after all and I fully intend to catch up. I thought it would be fitting that my first 2018 Project 52 post, be our 2017 Year in Review video. I make one of these videos every year and I love them so!

If you decide to participate in Project 52 along with me, be sure to post a link to your P52 post in the comments throughout the year. :)

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