Monday, February 19, 2018

Well, I'm Officially a Grownup!

True story. I am now the proud owner of a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and I'm still kind of in shock about it! This was a (somewhat) planned move on my part, however I didn't expect to drive off the lot with my new whip this past weekend. I've driven a Jeep Commander for the past, nearly 9 years and I LOVED my Jeep. She pulled our camper for many years, drove us up so many mountains and was there from the day we took Gracie home from the hospital and for every adventure since that time. The Jeep was my first "big girl" purchase following college and I think that's why I've been putting off trading it in, even though it was starting to fall apart. 

Then, about 2 two weeks ago my ABS system starting locking up anytime I went over 60 MPH and several new warning lights turned on. This was super unsafe and freaking me out, and once I found out that repairs would cost upwards of $2,000, I knew it was time. G had been eye-balling the Atlas for months and says that she knew this would be my next vehicle and she was right! She's always right, dang it! 

We went in on Saturday morning to check it out and test drive this, as well as several other SUV's at various dealerships, but I knew right away that this was 100% the one. My fiscally conservative self still didn't feel ready to take the plunge, but when I found out that the 2018 had a 5 star safety rating, seats 7, was marked down $4K for the holiday weekend + they were prepared to give me twice what I expected for my trade-in and a financing package of 3%, I was sold!

Gracie broke my heart when it was time to leave our family Jeep behind, because she was just an ocean of tears. She was so upset that we weren't taking it back home with us, telling me through her tears that, "this is the car that's kept us safe my whole life, Mama". She of course got me crying too and so I'm sure her and I were quite the spectacle balling outside the Volkswagen dealership! Thankfully though, once she realized that Mama would let her sit in the 3rd row seats whenever she wanted and that she could now watch DVDs when we drive places, she was suddenly as happy as a clam, lol!

We had to go back on Sunday for a class on how to work all the bells and whistles on the Atlas, which made me even more excited! They trained us on how Car-Net App Connect works and showed us features that blew my mind! Basically, the car parks itself among many, many other amazing things!

The remainder of our weekend was spent with friends and last night this little dude right here slept for 11 hours straight! It was glorious considering the major sleep regression he's had lately! Today I feel refreshed, like a new mama with an amazing new ride. Life is good!


  1. Ooooooooh que fancy!!!! Look at you guys and your adult vehicles. lol And G was right?!! You better not tell her. :D

    1. I'm all fancy (said with that NM slang), lol! I really am loving it, so so much! I've never had a brand new vehicle and it'll be nice to hand it down to Grace, all paid off when she's 16-17 years old (which will be in a blink of an eye, I'm sure)!

    2. And I for sure won't tell G, haha!


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