Thursday, March 1, 2018

10 Months of William

As I type this blog post, I’m so tired that I could literally lay my head down and fall asleep – right here, right now. *If only parents of more than one kiddo had that luxury… Our Sonnie Bear is going through some sleep regression + teething and has been for weeks and I’m so damn tired, all the time. There are good nights, when he stays asleep, waking once or not at all, but those nights are few and far between, these days. If I were to estimate, I would say that I get 2 nights of decent sleep per week and by decent, I mean 6 hours min, or at least one chunk of uninterrupted deep sleep. I blame G for much of my sleep disturbance, if I’m just being honest, because she comes to bed so damn late and almost always wakes us up and then Georgia and the baby fall fast asleep and I’m stuck awake. I wish so badly that sleep deprivation didn’t impact me the way that it does and that I wasn’t such a crappy sleeper in general, but I am and I always have been. Ugh.

Thankfully, our main man still goes to sleep easily and by the time 8pm rolls around, he’s ready to hit the hay and is always quick to drink his bottle and doze off in our arms. It takes 10-15 minutes to get him down, at which point I usually pick up around the house, pack Gracie’s lunch/snack and get outfits ready for the next day. The babe sleeps through me watching Friends reruns (on volume 1) before I fall asleep around 10:30pm, so I’m happy about that! Then Georgia, my night-owl of a wife and our noisy ass dog come barreling in around 1:30am and wake everyone up. My exhaustion and grumpiness is beginning to get the best of me (as if you can’t tell by reading this post) and I’m thinking it’s time that we transition Will to his own nursery. It makes me sad to write this because I truly adore waking up to his little face peeking at me from over the rail of his bed, and I love that we’ve practiced attachment parenting with him since the day he was born, because that was so important to us. But at the end of the day, I just need more restful sleep if I want to be the best mama I can be. This is right around the time we transitioned Grace to her nursery and I’m praying that it goes as smoothly as it did with her… Now we just need to decide when to actually make the transition.

Our Sonnie is changing and doing new things like crazy and at rapid speed right now. He seems to be ready to walk because he’s decided that he wants to free-stand even if it means he falls back on his little booty over and over. He’s great at standing but can usually only stay standing, without holding on for around 5 seconds, which is amazing to us! He is our little dare devil and dives off the couch now too, head first and refuses to stop; so we’ve had to show him how to safely “dive off”. We’ll be sitting on the couch with him on our lap, or sitting next to us and out of nowhere, he’ll throw himself forward trying to land on the ground on his hands, HEAD FIRST! Sweet Jesus it gave us a heart attack the first couple of times he did it, little stinker! He crawls in turbo now and can get from one side of the living room to the other in seconds, so we’ve had to make a little barricade to keep him safely in the living room while we’re cooking or doing anything that doesn’t allow us to be within an arm’s reach of him. You may be wondering why we don’t just put the boy in his large play yard or jumper to keep him occupied and safe and the answer is, he’s over those things and just must explore and MOVE. When we try to place him in any stationary position, he acts like a caged animal, haha! He makes so much noise and it cracks us up!    

Growth Stats | Height: 29 ½ Inches Tall & Weight: 18.9 Pounds (taken 2 weeks ago, right at 10 months – so I’m sure he’s grown since then). Baby boy’s still wearing size 6-9 months, depending on the outfit. He would probably fit in some 12-month stuff, but we have yet to try any. He can wear 6-month swim trunks and tops because he’s so skinny, but pants have to be 9 months+ because he’s tall! He wears hats of all sizes and thankfully doesn’t seem to mind wearing them. His shoes are a size 3 and sadly, I haven’t been too good at getting him into all of his adorable shoes before he grows out of them. I hate when that happens!

Nutrition | Brother bear is allergic to eggs and we’re totally bummed about it because our family LOVES eggs! We introduced them at the end of January and within 5 minutes he was covered in hives from head to toe and we had to immediately take him in to see the doc. Thankfully everything turned out to be ok, but it’s something we’ll have to watch because he appears to have a very high sensitivity to it. G fed him a muffin without even thinking about it a few days later and the hives came back! So, no egg or anything made with egg for now. :(

Some new foods he’s tried over this past month include: chard, tortilla, eggs, sausage, cantaloupe, French Fries, pumpkin, muffin, honeydew and pizza. This is in addition to the ongoing list of the baby led foods our guy has fed himself and purees that he still loves to eat. His food list is detailed below, for any of you looking for ideas for BLW foods.

{ Pickles, olives, black beans, banana, potato, corn, pinto beans, grapes, tomato, blueberries, avocado, cucumber, broccoli, tofu, roasted seaweed, ground turkey, hummus, toast, ham, spaghetti, lasagna, pita bread, chicken, cheddar cheese, pesto pasta, shredded beef, gelato and popsicle. }

Developmental Stuff | Some new milestones to surface this month include the turbo crawl, mentioned above and our dude can now walk with his little zebra walker! He can play peek-a-boo (which is the cutest thing on the planet)! He can free-stand for around 5 seconds and is showing so many signs that he’s ready to walk. Our guy has also become a “talking” machine! Now, by talking, I’m not referring to the 5 words that he actually knows and can say, but rather his voice that he appears to have found and uses all day long! It’s too funny to hear some of the sounds that come out of his mouth!

The biggest change/development this past month is that our dude finally started Swim School with Gracie! The kiddo has been on the waitlist since he was 3 months old and I literally jumped for joy when we got the call that a slot had opened up. It took forever because the school itself is difficult to get into, as no one ever seems to leave, but we also had to get him into one of only 2 Parent + Tot classes that are offered on the same day and in the evening when Grace has her class. He has done amazing so far and really seems to be enjoying it! No tear as of yet, not even when he’s been fully submerged in water. He’s in class with 5-7 other tots, so I’ve loved getting to see him interact with other babies. He loves it and Gracie is so excited that he’s there with her!

The only challenge I’ve had with Swim School is that G and I have to alternate getting in the pool with the babe, which means that every other week I have to march out in front of 50 parents on the other side of the glass wall, in my bathing suit... Now, I’ve never been one to be self-conscious, but seriously. It’s the worst, LOL! Thankfully I’m quickly over it once we’re in the water and then us water babies have a blast together! I’ve purchased adorable swim suits for will since we first found out that G was pregnant, so it’s been so great to see our boy wearing them. I just can’t wait until he’s taking laps around the pool like his big sis! Here’s a video of Will swimming with Mommy. :)

<< Mama's Sweet Lovies >>

And I’ll end with this adorable comparison picture of Gracie at 10 months and her bro at 10 months. I really can’t believe that our boy will be ONE in just 6 weeks! I’m currently in the process of finishing up prep for Gracie’s 6th birthday: Peter Rabbit themed bowling party that’s in just 9 days! I’m also mid-prep for Will’s 1st birthday extravaganza --AND-- Georgia’s 40th birthday, which all fall within 3 weeks of each other. It’s a lot to plan, pay for and execute, but I got this! Challenge accepted!


  1. The B&W of Grace and Will that starts off end of blog photo montage, there is a frame somewhere that NEEDS that photo!

    He is completely cute and I can tell from the photos a total little stinker. šŸ˜‰

    So, have you ever thought about a 1mg dose of melatonin to get back to sleep after a wake up? I am a light sleeper like you mention (mid night wake ups and trying to get back to sleep is the worst!) and the struggle is real. It has IMMENSELY helped me to get in the rest needed to at least function when the kids are being shitty sleepers.

    1. Thanks friend! I adore that black and white photo (that is currently on display in my office)! I pop melatonin, the 3mg and 5mg pills like candy but don't as often now that I have to get up with the baby. For a while there I would stand up in such a fog after taking a melatonin and sleeping a few hours and it made me nervous that I would drop the baby or roll over him in the bed in my sleepy fog. Now that he's bigger and I no longer fear I'll drop him, I'm going to start taking them again. Seriously, thank the dear Lord for Melatonin!

    2. Also, I had no idea they made 1mg pills. Maybe I'll start with those! Thanks!


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