Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Baby Bro's First Haircut!

We did it! We cut our sweet boy’s beautiful, long and super straight hair a few weeks ago. I never imagined that we would cut Will’s hair before his first birthday, but when you’re born with this much hair, you end up needing a cut sooner than later. Baby boy came out of the womb needing a haircut, if I’m just being honest, haha! Then the poor guy developed a bad case of cradle cap, followed by eczema that caused him to lose almost all of his hair and even with that, it grew back and he still needed a haircut at 10 months old, because his bangs grew to completely cover his eyes and he was growing a mullet. Mama refuses to have a baby with a mullet. ;)

Thankfully, this little stinker’s uncle D owns a barber shop and was happy to stay open after hours so that Will could get his first cut from him without there being a ton of people around or too many distractions. I was a bit nervous the day of because of our dude’s “stranger anxiety”, which showed up around 8-9 months old, when he really started teething and stopped sleeping through the night. Uncle D obviously isn’t a stranger and see’s Will on a regular basis, but even with his Nani and other relatives he knows but doesn’t see every day, he shows some uneasiness, especially if there’s a lot of noise or lots of people. Surprisingly, we had absolutely nothing to worry about because he did great!

When we arrived around 6:30pm, little man was all smiles! He loved all the colors and flashing lights in the barbershop and was itching to explore. My brother’s barber shop is located across the street from the University and is decorated using the University’s colors, so there’s lots of bright things to see, which Will loved. We got right to it after uncle D was finished with his last client and as soon as he started cutting our dude’s hair, I realized that in the 15 years that my brother’s been a barber, I had never watched him cut hair AND he’s so dang talented at it! He uses all sorts of cool, old school barber tools and proceeded to give our baby boy a full service, 30-minute big boy haircut.

Will stayed perfectly still anytime uncle D had to wet his hair and when D used the clippers, he froze like a statue with this very curious look on his face like, what the heck is going on back there, haha! There were zero tears, no fussing when he would get wet and if anything, the whole process must have tickled him quite a bit because he kept laughing!

When we were all done, uncle D cleaned him up while I took a few (dozen) more pictures. He wouldn’t let us pay him, of course, but considering the fact that William will be coming in on a regular basis, we’ll need to figure out some way to compensate our barber in the future. We headed to dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant afterwards, at which point I realized that I didn’t save a clipping of our son’s first haircut! I was so sad and just could not believe that I forgot. I was just so disappointed but also didn’t want that to overshadow the excitement of the night, so I got over it pretty quickly. Moms can’t remember everything, all the time – right?!

Look at this sweet boy. Who knew he could get even more handsome! Thanks Uncle D. :)

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