Friday, April 20, 2018

11 Months of William

Ok kiddo, technically you're now a year old and this update, well it about 6 weeks overdue... Still, Mama wanted to document your 11th month on Planet Earth and show off all the super cute pictures and video we took of you last month and all the other fun stuff that filled your March. No way could I just skip month 11!

For starters, you got your first shiner this past month! Yup, you heard that right. Your sister, who is 6 years old, has never had a black eye and you managed to get one before turning one! The incident  happened when you were standing, lost your balance and fell right on top of a tub of toys that sister was picking up right as you started to fall down. You cried for a few seconds, but quickly recovered and even with an owie, you looked adorable and were our always happy boy!

At 11 months old you {were} still me on Mommy's roommate. We thought about transitioning you to your nursery last month like we did with sister at that age, but then we remembered that your uncles were going to be visiting for your birthday and staying in sister's room, which meant that sissy was going to be occupying your room in her tent and it was just going to be too complicated to manage you both in the same room at bedtime. This and we weren't ready quite yet, if Mama's just being honest. 

And we LOVE seeing the sleepy face pictured below in the mornings!

We did start to let you CIO a bit in month 11, at bedtime. Your bedtime had evolved into this routine of Mommy and I taking turns giving you your bedtime bottle before placing you softly in your little bed next to ours. You would then immediately open your eyes, stand up and start crying while reaching for us. We would then pick you up and cuddle you some more before trying it over and over. Some nights this would go on for 30 minutes to an hour. Finally, one night I told Mommy that you had just had dinner with us, so I knew you had a full belly, you were just changed and dry and you were safe, so it was time we let you self-soothe a bit and you know what son? You did amazing! You cried for around 5 minutes (10 minutes was the limit we agreed we wouldn't let you cry past) and after the 5 you sat down, then rolled onto your belly and fell asleep! You cried for around 2 minutes on night two and that was it! We were shocked at how easy it was for you, our big boy!

You still adore being outside! You love the backyard, which is what's motivating us to get the yard summer ready sooner than later. You love walks and going to the park with your grandparents. You love the park so much we decided that it would be the perfect venue for your first birthday party. Now that the weather is warming up we've been going out more and even on evenings when it's chilly, we just layer you and sister in warm clothes and out we go!

You have lots of favorite things, but Little People toys are at the very top of the list! Sister has been building her Little People collection since she was 2 years old and now you're adding to it. Mommy's even started buying some vintage pieces that I love because they look just like Little People used to when I played with them as a kid! To date, you and sister have the princess castle, the knight castle, the farm, the farmers market, the park, the train, the fire truck and the animal clinic. You also have a ton of smaller vehicles and it is, without a doubt, our favorite thing play with together! So fun. :)

You + Papa = are still best friends (but no shocker there)

You're eating pretty much everything except dangerous foods like popcorn, nuts and shellfish and thus far, there hasn't been any foods you've not liked. Well, eggs did like you as you're allergic, but that's not your fault. You thought they were delicious! The only new food that I can think of that you tried for the first time in month 11 was chard, lol.

Blueberry face! They're a favorite of yours, for sure! 

Our BIG to-do for the month was your FIRST haircut! Mama wrote all about it here and now you look like such a big boy. You've already had another cut since your first and we're starting to get a better idea of how often this is going to need to happen for you. Your hair grows like a weed. It's crazy! I held you for your second cut and it was decided that I'm not very good at that job, haha. You did great when Mommy held you for the first one, but with me you were wiggling all over the place and were over it before Uncle D finished. He said I'm not allowed to hold you for cuts anymore! ;) 

Swim school makes you happiest of all the things! You go nuts for it! You splash all the kids who are near you and you're the reason Mama now removes her make-up before getting in the water with you. I thought at first that I could stay looking cute during your swim class, but then on class #2 you completely drenched my whole face and I had make-up running down everywhere. It was so bad that Mommy had to come into the swimming area to hand me a towel because I imagine I was looking a bit scary! Now that I take my make-up off, we have way more fun and splash each other the entire time. Sister swims over to us from her older group during every practice and you two are always so darn happy to see each other! It makes your moms' hearts so happy to watch.
Here's Mama, make-up free and ready for fun!

And, well, it happened... Along with all the other fun stuff you did last month, you also ate dog food for the first time ever! The worst part is that I'm pretty sure you really liked it... #momsofboys

And poof! It's been an hour that I've been sitting here writting this post and it's time for me to pick you up from Gaga and Papa's house. Time flies when I'm thinking about you and sister bear. As we wrap up year one, Mama is left with one feeling that stands out more than anything else, and that feeling is: gratitude. I'm so thankful for you and your sister. I'm so very grateful that you have been 100% healthy this past year and more than anything, I'm thankful that you found your way to us. I can't wait to write you for your first birthday, my sweet boy. 

Happy 11 Months, Sonnie Bear!

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