Monday, April 2, 2018

13//52 - Just 2 More Weeks!!

Truth be told, we're way behind schedule with checking things off our little dude's 1st birthday to-do list. I find myself constantly comparing where we are with his birthday planning to where we were with Gracie's this close to the big event and basically, we're total slackers, haha! We just had Will's first birthday pictures taken on Friday, when with Gracie, those were done 5 weeks before she turned one... and now here we are sending out his party invites exactly 2 weeks before the event, which is later than we've ever sent out invites because honestly, we didn't even have a party location booked until about a week an a half ago, lol!

With that being said, I was also a ball of stress for Gracie's 1st birthday party because I waaayyy over-exerted myself. I have such fond memories of her first bday celebration, but I also never got to taste her birthday cake. I hardly had a chance to hold her and Georgia and I didn't have the time to even eat because we were running around like crazy. And you have no idea how sad I was about the missed birthday cake, btw! ;) 

You know that saying, when you know better, you do better? Well this is us trying to do better... trying to take it easy... trying to chill the hell out and know that we don't need to rent a giant hall and we don't need to invite 80 people and we don't need to plan everyting weeks and weeks in advance! Are we still going to go all out with the DIY decor and make a BIG deal of our little guy's first birthday -- YES, absolutely! Are we going to make ourselves crazy by trying to do "it all" -- no and here's one example of that. Instead of inviting the entire family + extended family, we're inviting people who are close to us and have actually met Will over these past 11 months. Translation, we'll be inviting around 50 people this time, not 80, lol. 

In preparation for Will's big day, we set out to find a special outfit for him, as we did with Gracie and while it arrived late and nearly gave me a heartattack, it was in the mail the day of his photoshoot, so he was able to wear it in his one year pictures. Yay! Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen! I love that Georgia wanted to have a Monster Bash because who doesn't love rainbow colors and adorable little monsters?! Everything is so stinkin' cute. 

Grace was able to jump in on the picture taking action this past weekend because our photographers (the same married duo who took Will's newborn photos and his 1/2 birthday pics) love her and wanted her to be a part of the experience. How cute is that?! I can't wait to share his bday pro pics because I just know I'm going to love them. First though, I need to write all about our gal's 6th bday party and her bro's 11 month update post. It's half-finished and in my drafts. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day, am I right! 

Hope you all are doing well!


  1. So stinkin' adorable!!!

    You know that I am partial to this theme, for obvious reasons ;)

    That little outfit is cuteness to die for. The 2nd child is totally a time to know better, do better. Or as I like to say, know better, do less. I can remember freaking out about every one of LM's parties and now with Boo it is much more calm and chill and I have FINALLY learned the art of small and intimate in lieu of big and boisterous. As long as these precious and so wanted babies are celebrated on their day, how it happens is an after thought.

    I cannot wait to see party pics!

  2. Yes! Once I began writing out his hashtag #littlemonsters1stbirthday I totally thought of you and LM! :)

  3. That picture of William with Grace taking his photos made my day . She is such a good big sister !

    1. Thank you! Being a part of it made her feel super special. :)


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