Wednesday, April 18, 2018

16/52: Peace Out.

Do you ever get so far behind with blogging that you're just like, forget it already! 

Well, that's where I am right now. I love this blog and I always have the best of intentions to get back here to write about the things that mean the most to me, but then life gets in the way. Birthdays (so many birthdays...) work, kids, life, school, sleep, wine, it all gets in the way of me doing something that I truly enjoy. This blog, this space - it's for the kids, yeah - but really it's for me! It's my hobby and it has been for 8 years, which is a long ass time to commit to something. It's my space to share and vent. This is my community of friends whom I really miss when I'm away, so why can't I seem to make time for it?! Ugh. 

To show just how far behind I am, here's a list of post I've written in my head and some in drafts, but have yet to finish or share...

1. Will's 11 month baby update (this one's 6 weeks late for F's sake!) 
2. Gracie's 6th birthday Peter Rabbit party
3. Our family Easter 2018
4. Baby boy's 12 month check-up
5. Will's 12 month baby update
6. Georgia's 40th birthday extravaganza
7. Williams FIRST birthday party
8. Little Monster's 1st birthday DIY crafting projects
9. Our first professional pictures as a family of 4
10. Annnnnnnddd Will's ONE YEAR pictures

I mean, 10 important things that I've been dying to share and yet I haven't. What the hell is wrong with me?? There's so much I wish to contribute to this space and yet, I just can't make it happen. 

* Cue end of self-shaming pity party. 


  1. Friend, I am right there with you. I do not think I have ever committed myself to anything that is going on 10 years time. I am invested in blogland, blogs, bloggers, etc. Just being in THIS SPACE.

    You'll find the time. We always do, right? Lol. But, really though, start with the 1st birthday party. Just saying. hahaha!

    1. Haha! I am nearly finished with Will's 11 month post (which is the most overdue), so I'm hoping to finish that one now. This same thing happened going into the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday last year and I didn't end up posting about Will's 1st Balloon Fiesta experience and to this day, I regret not sharing that memory or pictures. I don't want that to happen again, because believe it or not, I go back and re-read old posts all the time! This place is my little time capsule! Thanks friend.

  2. Oh dear, that's really a lot of posts, can't wait to read them (soon?!) XD Oh btw, is it okay if I follow you on Instagram? I recently made an account too (called fosterpuppyftw). :)

    1. Of course, Charlotte! I would love that! You can find me on IG @ DosMamas

  3. Just write one at a time becuase you will regret it if you don't. I get it though because I stopped writing on my blog 3 years ago and never got back to it. Don't do that because your blog is one of my favorites!

  4. It doesn't matter how late you write the posts, as long as you write them. In a few years from now, you won't even remember that the post was written two months after the fact, but if you don't write it, you will miss it!
    It's the only reason why I've been keeping my blog for so long...I don't care if anyone reads it, but if I don't document it, it will never end up in the blog book, which really is my photo album.
    In addition, your family pictures and little man's first birthday pics are too adorable to not share with the rest of the world! :)

    1. Valid points, Nadine - thanks! I LOVE going back and reading old posts, especially now with baby #2 and blog books are the best! I'm way behind on those too though, lol! I think I left off on 2012 with ordering. I need to get on it!

  5. I hear you! I would love to write more but I'm lazy. :D
    I love when you update though!!

    1. Right back at you! I have to be careful when reading your blog posts at work because there's a 98% chance you will make me LOL my ass off at my desk! You're going to blow my cover! ;)


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