Monday, April 9, 2018

Visiting the Easter Bunny

The past 2-3 months with our little dude have been interesting. From birth until he was around 8 months old, he was the most chill, non-fussy baby I had ever met. He literally never cried, smiled all the time, slept through the night (every night) and would go with anyone who wanted to hold him. Then teething set in and things changed. He suddenly had stranger danger and started feeling all the feels. Because of this, I was a bit nervous to hand him over to the Easter Bunny for fear that he would scream bloody murder! To prep for this handoff, we made sure he napped beforehand, that he was fed, that he was wearing a comfortable little outfit and we didn’t hand him over until seconds before the kiddos pictures were taken.

For whatever reason, our sweet boy didn’t cry and I was honestly totally shocked! Gracie was a picture-taking pro (as always) and sat there smiling the entire time we prepped for our bunny pics. Sure, Will didn’t smile, but he also didn’t lose his shit, so I would consider this year’s Easter picture a total success! Yay! ;)

We took the kid’s bunny pics immediately following our professional family pictures + Will’s one-year pictures and about an hour before the mall closed, so there wasn’t anyone around, which I think also helped with the crying situation. Following pics with Mr. B, we ate at Gracie’s favorite 50’s style diner, Johnny Rockets and snapped a few more photos of our family of four. My people, they’re so stinkin’ cute! 

Our photographer sent us a preview of our first pictures as a family of 4 last week along with one edited photo of Will to share on his birthday, and I’m dying to see the final product!

In other news, our baby boy is going to be ONE in just 2 days and that’s just unbelievable to me. How is he going to be one when he was just this tiny, like yesterday?!

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  1. Crazy I tell ya, crazy!

    That Easter bunny pic is totally adorable. No smile or not, they are the cutest. Can't wait for pics of the party and Will's 1 year photo shoot. Your IG makes me smile.

    PS: Gracie has good taste. I luvvvvv Johnny Rockets!


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