Friday, May 25, 2018

12 Months of William

You, my sweet boy, are ONE YEAR old! You’re one, ONE and mama just can’t believe it. This past year went by in a flash, as I’m sure most parents experience with their babies in that first year. The difference here is that you’re our second little one and I’m here to tell you that time passed even faster with you than it did with your sister. In the blink of an eye, you went from rolling over, to crawling, to standing on your own and even taking a few steps and now looking back, it’s all such a blur. A wonderful, moving at the speed of light, blur!

It’s been a few weeks since you turned one and so along with reaching the huge milestone of celebrating your first birthday, you’ve also had your first birthday party and you had a blast! Mama took about a million pictures, which I plan to share soon, but just know that you were 100% spoiled with love and so many presents and you were all smiles, all afternoon. You’ve actually been all smiles since you were a teeny tiny baby and son, that’s mama’s favorite thing about you. You’re just so happy and it makes all the people around you happy too! You always have a smile on your face. Your demeanor is that of a content and super chill kiddo and the only time you truly cry is when you hurt yourself, which thankfully doesn’t happen all that often, or when you're about to get another tooth. You need closeness, so much so that you get upset when everyone leaves the room and you’re left alone in your play yard or highchair.

You slept in me and mommy’s room until the week following your first birthday and as much as we knew you were ready to transition to your nursery, we had a hard time moving you down the hall. I guess you’re not the only one who needs that closeness. The first night you cried for a few minutes once we shut the door and that was it. The next night you let out one small cry when we laid you down in your crib and by night 3, you were good to go! We couldn’t believe how easy it was for you to transition and since moving you into your room, you’ve slept amazingly! You go down at 8:30pm every night and sleep through the night until we wake you up at 7:30am. You never wake in the middle of the night and always look so cozy and content when we check on you on the baby monitor and Owlet monitor. On the weekends, you sleep from 8:30pm to 11:00am!!!!!! That’s 14 hours, Sonnie! And because your sister is old enough to put cartoons on and serve herself cereal on Saturday mornings, mommy and me usually get to sleep in a bit. While I don't know how long this will last, it’s marvelous and your mamas will take it, for as long as it lasts!

You had your 12-month check-up on April 13th, just 2 days after you turned one and you were such a ham, as usual. Your doc adores you and was happy to report that you've moved up the weight growth chart going from the 13th percentile to the 20th and that you’re doing great in all other areas! As of last month, you weighed in at 19.5 pounds and have grown to 30 inches tall. You can now say 11 words with "mama" still being the word you say most often! You have 4 teeth – 2 on top and 2 on bottom and you climb everything. You can get on the couch yourself and you've fallen off a few times. You climb all the furniture and anything else including me! You're finally big enough to wrestle with me and sister bear and you LOVE it! You're fearless and will jump right on my head when we play. It's a good thing Mama's a tough cookie. ;)

You started standing on your own right before turning 11 months and by the time you turned a year, you could take 3 steps! We were all very impressed. :) *Update: You "officially" started walking at 13 months + 5 days old while at a BBQ with friends! You took plenty of steps before this, but never 10 steps in a row! Since then you've become a walking machine!

Papa is still your BFF. 

Your favorite food is still avocado. Your other fav foods include: watermelon, blueberries, bread, banana and pasta and you LOVE water! Your appetite is rather impressive for a one-year-old, if I do say so myself. For dinner a few nights ago, you ate a full serving of pesto pasta + 1/2 a cucumber + 3 apple slices + 2 slices of watermelon + several pieces of sautéed broccoli + some cheese and you still had 6 oz. of milk before bed! I have no idea where it goes though, because you are still a super skinny and tall green bean. Your moms are just thankful that you have such a great appetite and are only allergic to eggs, as far as we know. Here's a picture of you living your best life, haha!  

The bigger you get, the more you and sister bear look alike. When you were first born and in those early months, we didn’t see much of a resemblance and now I can’t not see it! You both look just like your mommy, so it makes sense that you would resemble one another. It’s been so fun for mommy and me to watch your relationship grow. Gracie is so patient and helpful with you. She does get a little jealous every now and again and it’s very important to her that we be equitable with what we give each of you, whether that be our attention, food or anything else really and I think that’s fair. She calls you “Willy” and kisses you all day, every day. I can tell that you two are going to continue to have a close relationship and your mamas couldn’t ask for anything more than that!

We finally ditched your changing table about a month ago, because we only ever used it twice, since you were born! There’s a changing table attached to the play yard we have in our room, which is what we’ve always used. I’m not sure why we even ordered a changing pad cover for you from Land of Nod, because we never used a changing table with sister either. In any case, it’s gone and in its place (not pictured here) is the coolest blue outer space lamp along with a few other things. Slowly your nursery is turning into a big boy room! *tears

“MAMAAAaaaa!” is what you yell when I get home, anytime I enter the room, and basically all the time. It’s my favorite thing.

One of your many funny faces!

Our backyard is a favorite place of yours and sister’s. You each have your own swing back there, along with a trampoline + a big play house + a fairy garden (which we plan to add dinosaurs to next summer) + a real urban garden with big tomatoes already coming in + lots of toys including a kiddie pool you can’t get enough of. Mommy and I hadn’t landscaped our backyard when your sister was a baby, so she didn’t get to have fun back there until she was 2. This time around, we’ve stayed on top of things, keeping that space beautiful for the both of you and you just can’t get enough of it! There’s wind chimes making all sorts of beautiful noise and so many different solar lights that keep things bright in the evenings giving us extra play time. Your sis helps with the watering and one day, I’m sure you’ll help out too!

And that about wraps it up, Sonnie. Month twelve was a happy one for sure, but it was also so very bitter sweet. It came too fast, while also being such a happy end to such an amazing and magical year for our little family. All those years that I prayed for you, I could have never imagined what God had in store for us. When I thought I wanted only girls, I could have never imagined how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful boy. You fill your mamas’ hearts with so much love and happiness, that there are just no words, and as I’ve said a million times, your sister adores you to pieces. You two are as thick as thieves!

Mama’s happy that these monthly pictures are finished, because taking them seemed to get harder and harder with each passing month, haha! This 12th one was the hardest to capture, but it ended with smiles as you chased Mavie out of the room.  

We’re so excited to see what year two will bring. Love you, Sonnie.
Xo, Mama 

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