Friday, May 4, 2018

18/52: Lights, Camera, Action!

Is there anything better than being 6 years old, full of confidence and just loving life, 24/7? I really didn't think there was, and then my brother(s)-in-law called us with the biggest surprise! They deposited $500.00 in our bank account to pay for any summer camp that Gracie's little heart desires! She LOVES to perform and sings all day, everyday, so their one request was that we register her for a camp that involves singing, dancing and just loads of music!

With our new surprise budget, the bean had her pick of summer camps and ended up deciding on a Musical Theatre Camp that looks to be amazing and has won "Best of the City" for 3 of the past 4 years! The camp focuses on all the skills needed to put on a Musical. Students spend 2 weeks expanding their acting, vocal and dance skills as a group and they even build a set! At the end of the camp, there's a final showcase performance for family and friends and I just know that I'm going to cry my eyes out when I see my little diva girl perform for the first time! She has talked about nothing else since deciding on this camp and watching The Greatest Showman for the first time this past weekend only further intensified the beans obsession with performing. She simply lives for this stuff! 

The camp required that all participants be 7 years or older, which we didn't find out until after Gracie picked this "perfect for me" camp, so mama had to make it happen! After talking with the executive vice president and director of the theatre, I convinced them that because Gracie's been in school since she was 2.5 years old and can read like a champ, she would do just fine - and they said agreed! The timing could not be more perfect because this camp starts 1 week into her summer break and ends the day before her next camp begins. It's going to be a great summer for this STAR! 


  1. That is some fabulous uncles!!! Gracie is going to own that camp like nobody's business. Cannot wait to see updates on that particular part of summer!

    Speaking of....are you doing a summer bucket list this year? On the fence about it.

    1. They really are the best uncles!

      I 100% plan to do a Summer Bucket List because I feel it's the only thing that keeps me on track with documenting our lives. With that being said, I'm still about 3 posts behind and so my goal is to finish those before moving onto anything else, ha!

      I'm motivated to catch up though and I really feel like I'm back into the swing of blogging again, which makes me so happy! It always makes me happy to see that you're writting often too. Our kiddos will thank us for this one day, I promise! :)


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