Friday, May 11, 2018

19/52: Hello Tooth Fairy!

It’s happened! Our Gracie girl lost her first tooth and is about to lose a second!

A few weeks ago, the Bean started telling us that there was something “poking out of her gums”. We thought she was saying this because she had a loose tooth, but we were wrong. Upon further examination, she did have something poking out of her gums and that something was TWO new teeth! They grew in on the bottom, right behind her two bottom middle teeth. They’re all cute and bumpy, which totally takes me back to when I started losing teeth in elementary school and freaked out at how bumpy and huge my new teeth were! These new teeth came in like a wrecking ball and pushed those baby teeth right out, in just a matter of days!

Now, I should say that I can’t give Gracie’s new teeth all the credit for evicting her baby teeth, because the reality is that Grace pulled her first tooth out herself! #beastmode Yep. She pulled that sucker right out and did it at school! It had been loose for a few days and was driving her nuts. She said it hurt to eat and that she just couldn’t wait for it to fall out on its own any longer, lol. This is the same gal who absolutely refuses to let us remove her splinters because she insists that, “she’s the only one who knows how to do it right” and would rather be the one to jab tweezers into her skin than even think about letting us do it! She’s so dang independent, our gal... so it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to G and I that she handled it like the champ that she is! I just hope it didn't freak out any of the other little kids on the playground at school, haha!

Gracie was beyond thrilled to finally get to use the Tooth Fairy pillow that Gaga gave her a few years ago! It came with a cute book about the story of how Tooth Fairies came to be and Gracie loves it. She's one of the last of the kiddos her age to lose their first tooth, so when she finally got to squeeze her tiny tooth into the tiny tooth pocket on her pillow, she was giddy! 

I love that it's little things like this that still get the Bean the most excited, and it's just crazy how much our big-sister-six-year-old is changing. I mean, I still remember when she grew the tooth she lost, like it was yesterday. Our big girl. I wish she would slow down and stay my baby just a bit longer.

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  1. These kids need to quit growing up so fast! She is soooo cute with those new teeth though.


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