Monday, May 21, 2018

20/52: William is Walking!

You guys, we have a walker! Whoop, whoop! It happened “officially” this past Saturday while we were BBQing with friends. Our guy’s been taking steps since right before he turned a year old, but each time he attempted walking, he would take 2-3 steps before quickly dropping to a crawl. Then out of nowhere on Saturday, he just started walking and I actually got it on video! I had noticed that he was standing quite a bit earlier in the evening and had this determined look as he practiced his steps. Then, as we were standing outside the doors from the patio to the dining room, he did it and I just happened to be ready with my camera! He took 10 steps and then just kept walking all evening. He still seems to prefer crawling, when he’s inside because I think he just gets around faster that way, but he’s a walker now too. Yay!

We’re so proud of you, Sonshine. :)

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