Monday, May 7, 2018

An Easter so different from the last!

Easter was pretty low key this year, which is always a plus. G had begun to purchase cute little things for Gracie's Easter basket in the weeks leading up to Easter, so that was one thing I didn't have to add to my crazy March/April to-do list, (and yay for that)! She thought I was taking care of the stuff for Will's basket, but forgot to tell me this... When I found out that we had nothing for baby boy, I ran out during my lunch break the Friday before Easter, grabbed a cute book and like 5 dollars worth of stuff and we were ready! I mean, Will wasn't even a year old at the time - so it's not like he'll remember that the Easter Bunny gave him a few things we already had in the pantry, a bubble sprayer and a book, right! Haha!   

I had made Gracie's Easter Basket 3 years ago and crafted our guy's Easter basket last year, so it was nice to have those done and not have to bust out the glue gun, or any other crafting supplies! It was also so nice to have an almost-one-year-old, as opposed to a 5-day-old newborn baby on Easter, like we did last year. If you followed us back then, you may remember that Georgia and I ended up having to make an emergency visit to Will's pediatrician the afternoon of Easter, because of his jaundice. We basically missed his entire 1st Easter celebration + Gracie's egg hunt and time with our family. When it was all said and done though, were just so relieved that Will ended up being ok. This year could not have been more different than the last and thank goodness for that!

Our morning started at a snail's pace and I loved every moment of it. I volunteered to make gourmet deviled eggs for our family gathering and because I had boiled the eggs the night before, I only had to spend about an hour in the kitchen that morning! G is always so good about dying eggs with the Bean and for the first time, we waited until the morning of Easter to do our dying, which we'll be doing from now on. This allowed us to put the kiddos to bed at their normal bedtime the night before and have some grownup time, just Georgia and I and we were even able to watch a movie. Because my family's BBQ didn't start until 1pm, we had all sorts of time for decorating in the morning and so that's what we did. We slept in a bit, had some yummy coffee, did minimal food prep and decorated eggs. I'm telling you, every Easter should be this chill!

Before we went to bed the night before Easter, G and I hid the kids baskets, placing Gracie's in the guest bathtub and Will's under some toys in his playpen. Gracie woke up first, just as excited as ever and dashed into our rooms to wake us up. She was giddy and couldn't even wait for us to brush our teeth before heading out to hunt for baskets. She found hers in about 2 minutes and then went on to help brother bear find his basket. The Bean is really into art these days, so the Easter Bunny brought her all sorts of crafty things, a game, a book and lots of candy. We let the babes play with their stuff as we all discussed what Easter is really all about, as a family. Our tradition is to read a few children's books that Gracie has about Easter and Jesus and we usually continue the conversation the morning of Easter, as we did this year. We're not super religious, by any means - but it's important to us that our kids know that Easter isn't just about chocolate bunnies and baskets full of toys. I think we get the message across in a balanced, easy to understand for a kid, kind of way. :)

My brother and sis-in-law recently purchased my mom's home (she built a new one last year), so they hosted Easter this year. My sis-in-law was so cute with all her Easter decorations and my bro made some delicious burgers. The kids' cousins were there, so they had a blast playing on the swing set and pulling each other around in the wagon. My in-laws joined us and brought the kiddos 2 adorable baskets full of goodies. So, between these stinkers 2 sets of grandparents and their mamas, they had more baskets full of stuff than they probably should have. Per usual, I let Gracie have sweets to her hearts content that afternoon and then they magically disappeared that night. I'm not sure how, but our gal has yet to catch onto the fact that her candy always vanishes the day following Halloween, Easter and Christmas... Now, before you think I'm a mean Mama, please know that I have a reason for doing this. I swear!

G and I didn't allow Gracie to have one bit of sugar until her first birthday, when she was a baby and in hindsight, that probably wasn't the best idea because she can't get enough of it now! If we leave candy, chocolate or anything else from the sweets family in the house, she will sneak it every chance she gets. Thankfully I don't feel she is fully obsessed with the sugary stuff, or she would surly notice that we take it away and would be upset by that. I mean, honestly, I don't want the sweets in the house either or we'll eat them too!

We ended the day lounging around the backyard, following the BBQ and egg hunt. The kids were exhausted and so were we. They had run around like crazy with their cousins; hunted for eggs, stuffed themselves and were both loved on by the whole family, with Will being the star of the afternoon. He still holds the title of "baby of the family" and will hold that title until my younger sis decides to have a kid, so everyone is pretty dang obsessed with him! All in all, it was just such a happy day for everyone.

For those of you out in Blogland who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a great day too! :)

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  1. Chill Easter mornings are the best! I don't enjoy the rush and run run run around all day things at all. Maybe a sign of our age?!!? Lol.

    Their easter outfits are so cute and bright. Love the subtle coordination. You can always tell if someone is a photographer in the family by how well their clothes blend with each other ;)


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