Monday, July 2, 2018

27/52: Oh boy, oh boy!

One thing that Georgia and I were told time and time again, as we were awaiting Will's arrival, was that we would be shocked at how different it was going to be for us to have a boy vs. a baby girl. Each time I was told this, I always thought to myself, yeah right. How could two humans be so different just based off of their sex... Well, fast-forward 14.5 months and I'm here to tell you that these people were mostly right! This guy right here is 100% different than his big sis, in so many ways. It's hilarious just how different they are. Here’s just a few examples:

Eating: Will wants to eat ALL.DAY.LONG and is still as skinny as a green bean. He typically has fruit and a bottle first thing when he wakes up, because he wakes starving. He then has a snack that he can feed himself, like puffs or crunchies while he’s in his playpen and we’re getting ready. Then it’s a big breakfast with all the fixins' courtesy of his Gaga, followed by a mid-morning snack of veggies + a big lunch + an afternoon snack or snacks, depending on the day + another little something before having dinner. At the age of 6, Gracie eats less at dinner than Will who is 5 years younger, haha! She has always been more particular about what she eats and we often must insist that she finish at least half of her main meals. Will on the other hand, wants all of his food and hers and some of ours, most days!

Sleeping: Gracie has always been a great sleeper during bedtime hours, but was the worst napper when she was a baby. We would struggle to get her to take a least one nap during the day and when she did, she had to be near us. Then, by the age of 3, she was completely finished with the nap phase of her life and while it was hard for us to let go of that coveted nap, it started to keep her from sleeping at night, so we had to say farewell. Will sleeps in his crib at night and nap times. He sleeps 11-13 hours every night and that’s after taking 2, 1-2 hour naps throughout the day. He takes a disco nap every morning on the way to Gaga and Papa’s and will sometimes want another nap just an hour after having taken one.  He's just such a sleeper.

Playtime: Gracie has been cautious for as long as I can remember. She was that kid that just knew not to go near the road or water (even knowing that her helicopter moms were always watching). She’s always preferred to have her feet on the ground and needed to know who you were before she would even consider going with you. Meanwhile, we’ve already had to put up the baby gate for her bro and can’t leave Will in a room alone, even baby-proofed rooms, because he’ a climber. He climbs chairs, the couch, everything and has since before he could even walk. He doesn’t like to hold hands when he’s out walking around because he wants to go at his own speed and lead the way. He tries to scale everything and goes nuts if he feels confined. And as cliche as it may sound, he’s become obsessed with playing with anything that has wheels. Whether it’s Gracie’s Barbie car, his fire trucks or Little People cars, he loves them all. This is something Grace was never really into.
I could go on and on about all the differences we’re seeing now that Will’s little personality and preferences are showing, point being – this dude is a whole new cup of tea for us and I’m loving that they are so different! I can't wait to see what other things develop in the coming months! 

This week we'll be taking him and sister bear on a cabin camping trip with the whole family, so 12 of us all together and I'm so nervous. All I can think about is my son who now runs, full-speed everywhere (and often right into things) and then there's camp fires and him climbing stuff and the rapid river that's located near our cabin and his fearless nature and all the things that you really should fear when out in the wilderness. Oh, sweet Jesus... Wish us luck!


  1. Anonymous03 July, 2018

    I can't get enough of him ! I would take his picture all the time ! Cutie ! - Kim

    1. Thank you! He's such a ham for the camera. :)

  2. He is the coolest!!!

    And, yes, I thought it was so sexist and old school when people said that having one of each is "different" but, at least for us, agree, our boy/girl are total opposites. Across the board.

    1. He actually let's me put sunglasses on him, which I love -- another difference between him and sister bear. Total opposites over here too.


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