Monday, September 17, 2018

37/52: These Two

I swear, if it's weren't for Project 52, I'd never upload pictures or post much of anything on here! I do love this weekly photo project though and I think that's why I've participated in it for so many years. It makes my heart happy to have a look back at what we were up to on any given week, in years past. Babies don't keep ya'll, and P52 reminds me of this often. I'm just glad to have all of these little everyday moments chronicled of these two. My babies.


  1. They are just the sweetest siblings! I want to believe they are this darling to one another all the time...right?! 😉

    I may need to do this 52 Project this upcoming year because I need something to make me put my photos somewhere. Cute kid problems, you know how it is.

  2. It's too funny that you left this comment because these two JUST STARTED arguing, like for real. Will basically says 3 words to Gracie, more than anything else and those words are, "NO", "Ouch" (said anytime she's even touching him, no injury needed for this response) and "Hi!". He's grown tired of her picking him up whenever she wants and he's been letting her know. They also just started fighting over toys. Will has fallen in love with and old stuffed bunny of Gracie's and even though she hasn't paid any attention to the bunny in years, suddenly it's her favorite thing on the planet again... kids.

    1. Listen, my kids are absolute sweetheart siblings, it is downright amazing how much they love one another...and I’ve seen them totally fight to the death over the last apple.

      Innate sibling strife is no joke. Keep reminding myself that this is how they learn about relationships and navigating social skills. And making sure i keep ample apples stocked lol.

    2. Good point! Every time I want to pull my hair out, I'll remind myself that they're building life skills, lol!

  3. Adorable! He looks so big now!

    Ours fight, even little Charley. She yells "Way!!!!" when she wants Jackson to "go away." :P


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