Wednesday, October 17, 2018

41 | 52 | SHARK BOY

I'm a few weeks behind on Project 52 and even though this picture was just taken at the end of the summer, I already feel like our shark boy looks so much bigger! He celebrated another 1/2 birthday last week and is talking a ton. He is still 100% a Mama's boy and just adores his sister. How in the world did we ever live without this sweet boy in our lives?


  1. This kid is ALWAYS styling. Seriously, do you two just shop until you drop to outfit these kids?!?!

    1. LOL! I do, if I'm just being honest... but I almost NEVER pay full price for anything! I hit up Gymboree, Target, Gap Kids and Carters at the end of each season and buy stuff for the next year in larger sizes at around 60-80% off.

      With swim school and USA girls swim, these kiddos need lots of bathing suits and go through them like crazy. To this day, I've never paid more than $5-$8 for a bathing suit! The outfit Will is wearing in this picture was purchased when G was pregnant. The top was $3 on clearance and the trunks were $4 and they're not even an actual set (top is from Old Navy/bottoms from Target) The Crocs are hand-me-downs from Gracie that G bought 7 years ago at a thrift store! Point being that kids can totally look like a million bucks, without anyone spending a million bucks! ;)

      Having said that, it's getting harder now that Gracie's in a 10-12. For one, she can wait until she grows into the stuff I buy for the next year, so her stuff gets all messed up before it really fits her... :/ That and I just find less deals the bigger she gets!

      And thanks!


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