Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 Family Photos & All the Feels

December is always a month of so much reflection for me. If the year's been difficult, I spend the month going over all we've experienced with hopes that things improve and when it's been a good year, I'm left feeling very thankful (and slightly nervous for the upcoming year... hello anxiety). For me, 2018 was a mixed bag of both blessings and some struggles. There were challenges with G's sudden career change and that was tough. If I'm being completely honest though, other than the job stuff, this past year has been one of the good ones! 

I've been super excited to share our 2018 family holiday photos, but wanted to wait until Christmas cards went out and were received - so here we go! Below are a few favorite snaps of my beautiful family this holiday season, accompanied by some of the things that I'm most thankful for, as this year comes to a close. My apologies for what I'm sure will be a bit of a sappy post. Y'all know I've never shied away from sharing the hard stuff and I hope to always have the courage to do that. With that being said, it's also important that all of us make time to celebrate the good and give thanks where thanks is due.

The older I get, the more that good health seems to climb my list of what's most important to me. We've experienced our share of struggles with health in years past; whether it be infertility, Gracie's cleft lip and surgeries, pregnancy loss, or family members and animals getting cancer. Thankfully, things on the health front have been good in 2018, in so many ways! My sweet babies made it through several strong strains of the flu in our community, without getting sick. In fact, neither experienced any serious bugs or sickness of any kind this year. Our sweet boy outgrew his egg allergy, which made us so happy and his eczema seems to get better and better, the older his gets. Then there's the HUGE changes that G and I made to improve our health, beginning this past June. As I type this, we are on day 203 in our quest to become fit moms. We began our journey unsure of where it would take us and yet we've stayed committed (for over 7 months) to eating better and staying active, working out 4-5 times/week, every week! This is a first for us, in the 12+ years that we've been together and I'm just so proud that we've made it this far and are still going strong! 

I'm grateful for how much our babies have grown, learned and developed; individually and as sister and brother. They have this amazing bond and get along incredibly well, 90% of the time. I attribute this mostly to their 5 year age gap, but also credit us mamas for showing them what it means to love and support each other. Gracie's parent/teacher conferences at school continue to outline what a shining star she is among her peers, testing a grade above her level in several areas since kindergarten. Academics are so important to us, which is why we started Gracie in pre-k at 2.5 years old and plan to do the same with Will (dude's been on the co-ops waiting list since he was born, haha)! Even more than this though, it makes us most proud to hear that we have some very kind kiddos. Kindness needs to come first and that's what we try and teach, everyday. Some days we drop the ball, as all parents do, but the lessons and message is always clear. Be nice. Help others. Show respect. Love yourself and love your family. 

The relationship that Georgia and I share is also something that I am very thankful for, even when I occasionally want to strangle her. ;) For all different types of reasons, we've had 4 friend couples that we know, separate or file for divorce, this past year. I was shocked when I learned of the first and then I began to get worried about what the hell was going on in the world, when I found out about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th... to call it quits. It scary stuff to see a marriage end. It's heartbreaking to see friends go through it and you almost can't help but let it get under your skin. The wife and I spoke a lot on this topic this year and at the end of the day, it was a great motivator for us to check-in with each other more often and connect more than we had been. Marriage is hard work, you guys. Some years it's butterflies and date nights and amazing sex and some years it can feel lonely and frustrating. The thing is, we all have one choice to make when it comes to this kind of commitment and that choice is: are you going to show up for each other and keep showing up, everyday? It takes honesty and putting one another first. It takes making time to have fun together and intentionally working to be more than just exhausted co-parents, passing like ships in the night. Let me tell you, it's damn near impossible to do this when you have a new baby at home, but I'm here to say that it's worth the work and as long as you both want to make it better and make that effort - you can get back to where you want to be.

And while my wife will likely never read this, I want to tell her thank you. Thank you for being an honest and true person, always. Thank you for loving me, even when I haven't felt lovable. Thank you for making me laugh and thank you for the love and commitment you show me and our babies. 

This life, with these three. I'm a lucky Mama and I recognize this, with all my heart.
Merry everything, friends.


  1. Love them all but the B&W one of G and W with the ‘‘twas night before Christmas book is absolutely dreamy ❤️

  2. Thanks friend! It was the easiest photo shoot we've ever done and I think we may do something like this every Christmas, going forward! #simplify

  3. I'm just now seeing these!!! Love them so much!!! We desperately need to have photos done of all of us together! Last hear we just did pictures of the kids. I love these so much! Such a beautiful family!!!

    1. Thanks so much, M! This year's photos were the easiest ones we've ever done and cost the least! You can only have so much professional photos of the whole family, so we'll probably do some of just the kids at some point too. :)

      I'm so happy that you're back in Blogland again!


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