Monday, December 17, 2018

50/52: Our 2018 Christmas Card

My quest to become more of a minimalist and overall less-stressed Mama, continues! This year my goal was to simplify the holiday family pictures and Christmas card combo. I booked a mini holiday photo session for the fam, rather than a 1 hour, $500+ session like I've done in years past... but more on that in a separate post. I also designed and ordered our Christmas cards through Costco Photo Center, saving myself the pain of shopping through 100+ card designs on Etsy and Shutterfly, while also saving even more mula! 

I will say that I'm proud of myself for taking an easier route at so many different points, over this past year. What this effort has shown me is that we don't always need to go with the fanciest thing available and we don't always need to select the more expensive option, as moms trying to do our best for our kiddos. Often times, easiest is best! 

Just look at these beautiful babes! I ordered our cards in about 30 minutes and paid 1/3 the cost, while the wifey made our return address labels, DIY style! The best part is that I love the way they turned out and none of it stressed me out (even when Will decided he didn't want to wear his sweater and we were running late, lol). 

Cheers to an even more simplified 2019!

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