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All Things Halloween | 2018

Holy Halloween Batman! October was quite possibly the busiest month we had all year. We had events every week, the entire month and most weeks there were multiple things on the family schedule. I'm thinking this is why I really didn't have the time to write about any of it, lol! Thankfully, I adore Halloween and so does my tribe, so it was welcomed and super fun chaos for us. This year our little cuties coordinated their costumes and dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger! The costume theme was Gracie's idea, which was the result of a mama + daughter trip we took to Target (our fav place on earth) where she spotted a Hermione costume and just had to have it. I explained that with it being so close to Halloween, I would only get it if she wanted to be Hermione for Halloween, to which she replied - YES please! I honestly feel like our gal's obsession with all things Harry Potter is born of the fact that her Mommy loves it but for whatever the reason is, it has her reading Harry Potter books, watching the movies constantly and what's not to love about that! HP is such a nice dude and he's smart, so it's a win/win! 

When the bean declared that she wanted to be her favorite wizard for Halloween, the idea immediately came to me that Will would have to be Harry and just the thought of that had me swooning! When we came home and shared the news with my Harry Potter obsessed wife, she just about died and I got planning. I really wanted to sew William's costumes until he's at least 5 years old, like I did with Gracie and so I jumped online and started looking for a HP cloak pattern. You would think that it would be easy to find a baby pattern for this, but let me tell you... it was not. It took about an hour of searching to find a custom baby pattern, but then I ran into delivery time issues as both patterns I found had a 6 week delivery and looked to be coming from Germany (which was sold on weird looking website that seemed a bit sketchy). Nani suggested we just buy a big kid size, cut it up + sew it back together and create a whole new costume using the bigger one - so that's exactly what we did! The entire project was finished in one afternoon and I'm so happy to report that for the first time in my 6 year sewing career, my mom didn't have to step in and help me! I turned a kids size 6 into a 2T and the result was just the cutest thing imaginable. Look!

The week of Halloween we had soooo much stuff going on. We had our annual pumpkin painting party and invited Gracie's BF and her mom, so that was all sorts of Pumpkin Patch fun for us! G found cute little outfits for the kiddos because she knows that I love sending them off to school and Gaga & Papa's all dressed up in festive gear the week of all holidays. Above is one of the matching shirts she picked out that had dinosaurs dressed in Halloween costumes, which were just the cutest! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE dressing these stinkers alike? I thought it would be hard to do this when we found out that we were having a boy, but I was way wrong about that. Little cuties! 

The totally adorbs trick-or-treating bags that I had custom made for the kiddos arrived that week of Halloween too (which gave me a mild heart attack) but were totally worth the wait! You can't really tell in the picture, but they're made of bright and shinny, durable material that is washable and super cute. Each has their names with Gracie's having a cute little pumpkin and Will's complete with his name on a black bat. We carved pumpkins a few nights before and by we, I mean Georgia and Grace carved pumpkins while Will drove cars across said pumpkins, while I baked Halloween goodies. It's a tradition for G and little G to carve together and I just love seeing what they create every year. My work had our annual Halloween party complete with costume contest, pumpkin carving contest and bake off, none of which I won... but it was still a good time! I dressed as Minnie Mouse this year and totally threw my costume together at the last minute and loved it. I had considered ordering a Harry Potter themed hat at first to go along with the kiddos' costumes. It was a replica of that hat they use to pick which house the wizards go to, but then I forced myself not to purchase it when I realized it was $87 dollars! Turns out, if you spend some time cleaning your 6-year-olds room, you will find all sorts of costume stuff in the mess and if you're lucky, you'll also come across a set of bedazzled Minnie Mouse ears with the perfect amount of bling and a pretty red bow. I painted my nose black and was ready to go! 

That week before the best holiday of the year we also had Gracie's Boo Bash! This is her second Halloween at her school and Georgia and I just can't get over all of the amazing things the PTA does to celebrate holidays, especially Halloween! Two of the Bean's besties from Pre-k go to elementary school with her, so we love that all us mama friends still get to get together and do fun school type stuff throughout the year. G's little bestie T and her mom and baby sis met us at this year's Boo Bash and we all basically chased the girls around the school as they played games, won prizes and ate way too much candy. This year Will was old enough to really enjoy the sights and sounds of the bash, but because there were so many people and stairs everywhere, we mostly wore him. I figured that it would be difficult to put him in the carrier with his cloak on, so I ordered a little Harry Potter outfit made of cotton that was super comfy like jammies. I swear, this guy was the hit of the night and had people coming up to us constantly to tell us how amazing he looked. People were really surprised that a one and a half year old would happily keep his Harry Potter glasses on and honestly, we were surprised too - but he did and he looked adorable! 

We had a pretty HUGE surprise for Gracie this year that she had no idea was going to happen! About 8 months ago her uncle A and G got together and decided to surprise me for my bday (which is 6 days before Halloween) with tickets to the off Broadway show, Wicked! I had the awesome fortune to see Wicked in NYC on Broadway 12 years ago and I have regularly talked about it since. When G and A began seeing advertisements for the show, they thought this would be the most awesome way to kick off my bday week and they were right! Because of where G and A work, we had preferred seating right next to the orchestra and could see everything! This was the Bean's first show experience and she was in total awe! She sat, completely engrossed in the experience from the time the curtain lifted to when everyone took the last bow and told us it was the best night of her life, haha! 

It was just the most amazing surprise and a perfect way to begin my birthday week / the week of Halloween! Now that we know Gracie is old enough to sit through a show that lasts several hours, we'll definitely be going to more!

Because my birthday falls just a few days before Halloween, the week of is always cray cray and shared by lots of other Halloween type happenings, as mentioned above. I'm so thankful though that even though I share the week with lots of other stuff, my wife knows me well and knows how much I enjoy doing it up for my bday and so she goes all out! This year, in addition to my Broadway show experience that kicked off the week, my sweet humans woke me up with the most amazing witch bunt cake that tasted like heaven! Totally worth every carb! That morning of my birthday day, Gracie woke up extra early to get her brother dressed for the first time ever and put on his shoes, as a "gift to me". She even put together a little plate of goodies to "feed him breakfast" so I could get ready and not rush. It was seriously the cutest thing EVER and made me cry happy tears, just a bit.

Gracie then sang to me, the entire drive to school and gave me a big kiss before telling me to have the best birthday ever. My girlfriends took me to lunch at my favorite place and G and the kiddos took me out to the new neighborhood brewery for dinner and a tasty beverage. I had the next day off, so G and I stayed up watching movies + wine sipping and had just the best night. It was a great birthday, for sure. :)

And this brings us to Halloween! Our day started with getting Gracie in costume and doing her "Hermione hair", which was basically taking out braids from the night before and fluffing out her hair to look like her favorite wizard's do. The Bean had all sorts of fun stuff planned for the day at school and was just so excited to get out the door. After school, my awesome MIL brought the kiddos over to my work to do some trick-or-treating at my office, where they were spoiled beyond belief! We were expecting around 30 kids at the office, but only ended up having around 15 little visitors (because it was freezing out) so my co-workers literally dumped their bowls of candy into Gracie and Will's trick-or-treating bags... I ended up retrieving most at home and bringing it back to the office breakroom, but they were beyond excited to be spoiled so much!

My mom hosted a big Halloween party at her and Grandpa K's house and had everyone over to watch our fav Halloween specials, have Frito Pie and then go trick-or-treating! Will and Gracie looked sooooo stinkin' in their costumes that I could just die and they had way too much fun. Our night ended with 2 exhausted little ones that were more than ready for bed. William stayed up way beyond his bedtime and was out the moment we buckled him in his car seat. 

I honestly can't believe that another Halloween has come and gone or that Gracie just celebrated her 6th Halloween! Where does the time go?! I already have an idea of what these two will be next year, however Gracie will ultimately be the one to decide, so hopefully I can persuade her, haha!

I'll leave ya'll with this - my favorite picture of our boy from Halloween. I had planned to have a mini photo shoot at the park across from Gaga and Papa's house of our boy in costume, like I did last year but it was FREEZING and Will was not having it. Instead, I got one picture of this pouty little wizard clutching his wand and owl and I just love it. He's getting so big, but is also still such a tiny baby and seeing him with that little lightening bolt on his forehead and his cloak was such a heart melter! 

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween too! :)

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