Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Visiting Santa + No Tears!

Yes, you read that right! Our big 20-month-old handled his visit with Santa like a champ! I was pleasantly surprised by this, considering all the tears our sweet boy shed last year. I was also surprised by the fact that we even made it to see Santa this year.

We've visited the same Santa since Gracie's 3rd Christmas, so for the past 4 years. There's a local photographer who specializes in mini photo sessions for things like Christmas, Easter and Halloween and we've always loved her Santa session setup and the fact that it's allowed us the opportunity to skip those horrible lines at the mall + we've been able to jump in on a few Santa photos with the kiddos. This year, we noticed that once again the mini sessions went up in price and the sessions went from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes - which is just a bit ridiculous, if you ask me. I booked anyway, because I wanted to keep the same Santa (he's a really good one) but didn't realize when I booked that I picked a date that we would be in AZ for Thanksgiving. Thankfully our photog was super understanding and allowed us to reschedule, so that worked out. 

Another thing that totally worked in our favor was that the matching Christmas outfits we received last year, still fit! My sis was so sweet and gifted us a set of matching family jammies that she sent all the way from Vancouver BC, last Christmas. I was super bummed when they arrived just days after Christmas but thought I would hold onto them, just in case they still fit the following year - and they did! The kid's jammies said "lil' Deer" and ours said "Lady Deer" and they're adorable!

Gracie was such a ham and smiled from ear to ear for every single picture, just like she has since meeting Santa for the first time at just 9 months old! Will wore the puppy slippers that G bought for her future child years and years ago, when Will was just a twinkle in her eye. :) Our photog is amazing and super LGBT friendly, so she insisted that we take the smooching mom pic, a photo pose that I adore. 

Here's a few more pictures from our evening visiting Santa and a few from decorating our lovely tree, earlier in the day. 

Only ONE week until Christmas! Yay!


  1. Look at those SANTA SMILES!!!! Is their anything cuter?!?!?

    1. Thank you! They sure are cute.
      I think I'll keep'em! ;)


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