Wednesday, March 27, 2019

13/52: OhTWOdles Birthday Invite!

Exactly TWO more weeks until we have a TWO year old! 
... I'm not crying... you're crying...

12 | 52 | Let them be little

11/52: Spring is in the air

Our evenings after work now consist of: 
  • Working on the backyard, getting it ready for summer.
  • Scooter riding... lots of scooter riding.
  • Riding bikes around the block.
  • And soaking up that extra hour of sunshine. 
And these kiddos are LOVING it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Happy St. Patty's Day!

This year, St. Patty's Day weekend was pretty jam packed for us...

My mom and I kicked off the weekend by taking Gracie on a daughter + daughter + granddaughter date to see Captain Marvel and it was AWESOME! Talk about girl power! Grace was wide-eyed the entire movie and left begging for me to take her to get a Captain Marvel outfit, haha! We really did love it too - even Nani who falls asleep in every single movie I take her to. She didn't fall asleep in this one, so it's obviously a must see. :)

On Saturday, Georgia and I took the kids out to lunch at one of our favorite (kid-friendly) local breweries that was hosting a St. Patrick's Day celebration. We all shared the best damn shredded pork nachos I've ever had and the wife and I enjoyed a sampling of their SPD brew. Now that Will's nearly 2, it's been much easier to run out for dinner or enjoy a meal out on a patio, as the kiddos entertain each other, can feed themselves and play on the Kindle together if they get antsy. They chilled and we got to visit, which was exactly how I wanted to spend this happy little holiday.  

On Sunday, we started working on the yard and Gracie learned how to ride her bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS! It was a big day for our girl and we were just so proud of her! We did realize however, that she has outgrown this ride and most definitely needs a new big girl bike. Still, she looked adorable.

Check out Will's face in this picture, hehe! Little dude is throwing some major shade his Mama's way. Good thing he's so stinkin' cute. ;)

I hope you all had a happy St. Patty's Day too!  

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

10.52. All smiles, most of the time...

Well, the inevitable has happened. These two cuties have begun to bicker and bug the shit out of each other, like all siblings do. I honestly thought that maybe we hit the jackpot and were going to get two kids who got along splendidly, but yeah... times, they are a changin'. It started about 2 months ago and now involves all the things, i.e. arguing over toys... arguing over who gets which seat at the dinner table... the HE'S TOUCHING ME and the little brother cry heard round the world of -- NOOOOooooo! STOP! You name the behavior and just know that we're now seeing it. 

So my question is, why is it so dang funny?! It's like, the more they scream at each other and lose their minds, the more G and I have to hide our laughter. They're these tiny little humans, shouting like grownups and it's just so.damn.funny! I'm sure this will change and it will begin to drive me crazy at some point, but until then >> LOL!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Happy Valentine's (Month) | 2019

Every year in February, all the sappy people of the world celebrate Valentine's Day. However if you're in our family, you celebrate Valentine's Month and the hearts and candy and love notes last from the beginning of February, right up until the end!

I've always LOVED Valentine's Day. So much so that when I was in school, I would dress as cupid, all in red, covered in glitter and would run around spreading the love to everyone I came in contact with. My friends probably thought I was crazy, but they surely didn't mind when I gifted them with fun Valentine's stuff. When I met G and we began dating, it made me so happy to see that she too loved my favorite sappy Hallmark holiday. I remember the first year that we dated, she bought her dog a Valentine's Day present and I knew right then that she was meant to be my forever Valentine! Fast-forward 12 Valentine's Days and now we have these two beautiful babies who already seem to love V-day just as much as us. :)

We kicked things off this year with Gracie's FIRST Father/Daughter Valentine's Day dance - or as well call it, her Papa + Granddaughter dance! She came home weeks ago bursting with excitement to invite her Papa and he of course said YES! I believe his exact words were, "of course Mija! and don't worry if we don't know all the dance moves. We can just copy your friends!" Haha! 

The Bean wore her favorite sparkly dress with pink sweater and glitter covered Bebe shoes, that auntie M got her for Christmas. Papa got dressed up too, wearing a baby pink and baby blue striped button up shirt, lookin' all handsome. They were both so excited to go and they had a blast! There were pictures and video sent to us by a fellow dad friend and my heart melted seeing my girl pose for photos with her Papa and dance the night away with her friends. She told us all about the dessert table that was covered in pink and red desserts and she loved that they took "real pictures, with like a real photographer"! She came home covered in temporary heart tattoos and was so tired that she fell asleep on the drive home. 

Our next big to-do was Valentine's brunch with the guncles! Uncle A and uncle B are the most amazing uncles a kid could ask for and our stinkers absolutely adore them. The love for these guys isn't just because they spoil Will and Grace rotten (which they do), but more because they are just so hands on. They're always teaching our littles new things. They take vacations with us and camp with us every summer and they love introducing them to new books, because that's their thing! Every birthday, Christmas, random holiday, or just because, they get these kids books! We had the best brunch at my new favorite Waffleria, celebrating the start to Valentine's week! Oh and P.S. the "love your mother" shirt that Will wore was Gracie's when she was little. I just love it when he can sport one of Gracie's hand-me-downs. This little red T is one I'll be saving.

My love of love month is born of my childhood and I have my mom to thank for that. She has always made a big deal of all things February and to this day, she takes all the kiddos the weekend before Valentine's Day to make special valentine's for us parents and they all get spoiled with sweets too! This year we brought a few of those heart-shaped pepperoni pizzas for the kids to cook and they were so excited! The pizzas were some very interestingly shaped hearts, lol... but still cute! While all the cousins crafted, cooked and played, Gracie lost her 3rd tooth and got another visit from the Tooth Fairy, that night! 

Gracie asked if she could wear all hearts the week of Valentine's Day and surprisingly, she had enough outfits that she really could wear nothing but hearts and looked adorbs. For her classmates this year, she picked these slingshot unicorns that look like they're made of slime and are just about the most annoying things ever! She brought one home from a birthday party last summer and proceeded to shoot it at our heads for the better part of 2 weeks (until it magically disappeared, haha) and because she loved that ridiculous thing so much - that's what she wanted to give her friends. I know that as a parent, it was a bit of an asshole move for me to get these horrible slingshots for her friends, knowing how annoying they are (... sorry school parents...) but she begged and so we caved. The night before V-day, she spent the evening writing out valentines for her buds and once our stinkers were in bed, we set out the little gifts we picked for them to open that next morning. :) 

Will's been obsessed with the Hulk and Spider-Man toys at his swim school and has literally cried crocodile tears a few of the times that we've had to take them away at the end of practice. Because he loves those guys, we surprised him with one for love day and it just happened to work out perfect that Spider-Man is red! For the bean, we went full girly mode. I have a Caboodle from when I was little in the 80's that I use to store all my nail polish and Gracie's obsessed with it. So when we came across a Gracie-sized Caboodle, we just had to get that for her along with a few new nail polishes. She was so pumped!

Gracie's teachers decorate their classroom door for every little holiday and they always do such an amazing job! I mean, how cool is this tree and the box of Sweethearts pouring out candies with all the kids names on them? Seriously, so creative! Check out those heart leaves having from the tree. :)
The wife and I volunteered in G's class on the 14th helping with the class party and read a few Valentine's Day books to the group. Once we were finished there, we had an actual DATE DAY! We had taken the afternoon off of work, knowing that Gracie would be in school until 4pm and that the grandparents had plans with Will for the afternoon. We went for street tacos and margaritas, went shopping and to a movie. We're very anti-Valentine's Day date (night) as every restaurant is typically slammed with people... traffic is horrible and things are just crazy. Instead we started having date days a few years ago, making a day of it while everyone else is at work and once we went #dateday we never went back!

It was a busy month, but so much fun! I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day (or month) too! Xoxo, K

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