The Story of Us

Georgia and I met in 2006 during training at my first job out of college. She was the accounting manager for the University that hired me and I was the “new girl”. We’ve all heard the term love at first sight... I never really believed that it existed until we met. There was something about Georgia, something that was different and seemed to captivate me. Quickly I found myself doing everything I could to run into her in the halls of our office and often came to her with finance questions even when I knew the answer. I was basically finding any reason to talk to her. After a few months of this, I confided in our good friend Anthony and that day it became Anthony’s mission to get us together.

After many attempts to get everyone from work to go to happy hour, it finally happened! On a beautiful summer day in August 2006, a bunch of us from work went to a popular Mexican restaurant for cocktails. After a few drinks, the group decided to meet back up in the evening at a local watering hole. When we arrived, all I kept telling myself was that if I didn’t share my feelings with Georgia that night, I never would. After a few hours (and several drinks) I noticed that Georgia was FINALLY alone at the bar, so I decided to make my move. It was somewhat of a romantic ambush... I asked her if she was seeing anyone and when she said no, I proceeded to tell her that I thought she was one of the most beautiful, intelligent and intriguing people I had ever met.  Long story short, we left together that night and we’ve been together everyday since.

11 years | 3 weddings in 3 countries | 2 beautiful babies | and here we are!  

Best decision I’ve ever made!

Thanks for following our journey, 

- Kristin (Mama)


Thanks so much for keeping up with our little family! We love reading your comments and will get back to you as soon as we can.

K+G+g+w ♥

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